A black marker sketch of a porch with a tree nearby.

A black marker sketch of a porch with a nearby tree. I like how the Copic Sketch markers allow you to both block in shapes and also add some loose linework.


A sketch with a brush pen and crayon of a tunnel created by two rows of crepe myrtles.

A brush pen and crayon sketch of a tunnel created by two parallel rows of crepe myrtles. This small park is adjacent to the Convention Center in Charlotte, NC.


A sketch of a work truck from a photo taken in India. The sketch was drawn with a black Crayola crayon.

Sketching a work truck from a photo a relative took in India. It was completed using a jumbo black Crayola crayon.


A loose sketch of a house in India, completed with a brush pen with black ink and a black Crayola crayon.

This sketch was from a photo a family member who traveled to India. The contrast between the geometric house and the loose shapes of the foliage make it an interesting composition.

A loose brush pen sketch in black ink with random lines and marks that appear to be a landscape.

A brush pen sketch using a technique similar to automatic drawing but with intentional addition of buildings added to complete the composition.

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