A pencil and marker sketch of a conceptual bus that opens up in the center for events.

Media: Black Prismacolor pencil and Copic Sketch marker on an index card.

Notes: A quick conceptual sketch of a bus that opens up for open air events.


A marker sketch of the Mini truck with flames painted on the side.

Media: Copic Sketch markers and a black crayon

Notes: The vehicle in this sketch is based on a photo of an Austin Mini pickup. I also created a second sketch, show below, that I hoped would improve some of the proportions, but after looking at both sketches I prefer the original. Sometimes the first attempt, though imperfect, turns out the be the best.


A pen and marker sketch of a Sport Utility Vehicle in front of an industrial building.

A pen and marker sketch, based off of this photo that I cannot currently locate, of a customized Mercedes SUV.


An abstract brush pen sketch with a central element that could be either a building or a ship.

A quick conceptual sketch with pen and brush pen that started as an automatic drawing and then transitioned to a conceptual sketch.


A brush pen and ink sketch of a round spaceship in a landscape.

A brush pen and ink sketch of a spaceship, loosely based on Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis.

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